Dirty 13

by seekayem

“A bakers dozen of Auckland and Wellington’s best – armed with paintbrushes, spraycans, permanent markers, pencils, stencils and whatever else comes to hand – will be making their mark at The Basement.

The Dirty 13′s work has won awards, shown up in galleries and private collections and also on many, ahem, non-commissioned sites in and around our fair city.”

These are the kinds of shows we absolutely love – great art from great artists representing the amazing New Zealand street art scene – fuck yeah! – words from the curator.

Ft. Deus, Tanya Jade, Flox, BMD, Cut Collective, Xoe Hall, Drypnz, Mica Still, Cinzah Seekayem, Erin Forsyth, City,
Frey Jones and Josh Monoghan