BMW S1000R Review


When it comes to automobiles and motorcycles, BMW products are considered some of the best in the world, in terms of luxury and high performance, and the new bike continues in their proud tradition. The bike is the long anticipated naked follow up to the S1000RR, the engine is four cylinder, and it has a lightweight chassis, and is also big enough to make the same type of impact the S1000RR made.

According to popular moto magazine, BMW S1000R is a sportier, slightly stripped down version of the S1000RR; its engine has a 16 valve unit, which features a newly designed cylinder head, new camshafts, a new exhaust, and a revised injection system. The motorcycle engine revs at 12,000 rpm, which is 2,000 rpm less than the RR, and it has 160 horsepower, which is 30 horsepower less than the RR, but it is still a very powerful machine.


Like the S1000RR, the chassis has an aluminum twin spar frame layout, but it is modified geometrically to suit the bike's upright riding position. It has a longer wheelbase, which gives it more stability, and a less steep steering geometry.

The motorcycle has plenty of features, including the BMW Automatic Stability Control system, which allows you to switch to and from different modes like Rain, or Dynamic, depending on the weather or your mood. Unfortunately, the Dynamic functions are only available in the sports version of the S1000R. Even though the engine doesn't give as much power in rain mode, for safety reasons, it is still more powerful than most bikes in its weight class. The S1000R also comes standard with ABS braking, which usually comes as an add-on in other motorcycles.

The handlebars on this bike are easy to reach, and it has an impressive amount of legroom, considering the fact that the footrests are quite high. The engine doesn't rev as loudly as the RR does, or the top burst the RR has, but it still has a very raw and exhilarating rev, and makes up for the top charge with its extra pulling power.


The S1000R has an excellent throttle response, combined with the bike's lightweight, it provides efficient gear shifting, and fast acceleration. The only negative I found with this motorcycle is that it doesn't have a built in GPS unit, but that is a problem that can be easily solved by buying your own and having it installed. Check out this link ( to see external gps units that will suit the bike.

With the S1000R selling for less than its rivals at $19,000, BMW has shown once again why they are considered one of the leaders in the automobile and motorcycle business, by making high quality products at reasonable prices.

Defensive Tactics To Use In Paintball


It might sound cliché, but in paintball, like every other sport, your best offense is having a good defense. Some people believe the best way to play is to charge your opponents, and take out as many players as you can, but the problem with that approach is you will also be taken out, even if you have a good paintball gun.

There are some common defensive tactics that players use in attempts to stay in the game, some of them work, and some are bad ideas. We will take a look at some of these techniques, and show you which ones work, and which don’t work.

Crowding the best vantage points is a tactic employed by the less experienced players, they stick together at a vantage point, or at in an area of the playing field, because they feel they will be able to defend better in a group. This is a terrible idea, because it allows your entire group to be taken out quickly, if you get surrounded by another group.


It may seem harder at first, but your best tactic as a team is to split up into teams of three or four, and spread out around the map, because it will make it harder for your opponents to get all the players in your group if you are spread out, as opposed to sticking together.

Another important defensive tactic in paintball is to keep moving, a moving target is hard to kill, so try to keep moving at all times. If you are bunkered down in an area, try to take a couple of shots in one spot, then move to another spot and take some more shots. This confuses your opponents, who will be targeting the first position you shot from.

Retreating is not always a popular choice, but when it comes to defensive strategy; it is a necessity, because you essentially live to fight another day. If you find yourself cornered or in hostile territory, a quick retreat can save you from getting tagged, and allows you to regroup with your team, and come up with a new game plan.

Learning how to conceal yourself is a great way to defend your position without being seen, and can also be used to set an ambush on offense. Wearing camouflage gear when playing in the woods can help you remain unseen.


Having good communication with your teammates is also important defensively, because teams that communicate well usually have a solid plan that they stick to with everyone playing their part, which makes them successful.

These are just a few defensive tips to get you started, there are plenty of other defensive tactics you can learn about to make you successful when you play paintball.


Disney Quarterly Profits Rise


The recently released Walt Disney Company's quarterly profits exceeded the expectations of Wall Street, mostly thanks to the performance of their big budget movies like "Captain America," the rise in attendance of their theme parks all over the world, and merchandise sales of their movie related items, especially the animated hit "Frozen."

The company posted a net profit of $2.2 billion in the quarter, which was a 22 percent increase from their quarterly profit this time last year, which led to the increase in earnings per share, which rose to a record $1.28, which was higher than the $1.17 that was forecast. The increase in the company's quarterly profits led to an increase in their shares in after hours trading, rising from $86.75 after closing, to $86.90.

Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer, said that the company's earnings per share for the first three quarters of this year are higher than any full fiscal year in the company's history. He also stated that the company's strategy of building strong franchises and brands continues to create a great value across the company.


It wasn't all good news for Disney, while the operating income from their media networks division was $2.3 billion, there was a 7 percent decline from last year, mostly due to a decrease from ESPN, which faced new competition last year from Fox Sports, the sale of ESPN UK, and the higher programming and production costs of the FIFA World Cup, and Major League Baseball.

The movie studio on the other hand did very well, with an operating income that jumped up to $411 million, thanks to the performance of their summer blockbusters "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "Maleficent," and the video and digital sales from "Frozen."

The operating income of their theme parks also increased by 23 percent this year, and earned $848 million. The sales were mostly driven by an increase in the attendance and spending at their domestic parks. Since acquiring Lucas Films and the rights to the "Star Wars" franchise from George Lucas, they plan to create a greater "Star Wars" presence at their parks, and they are scheduled to announce more details next year.


The operating income from their consumer products saw a rise of 25 percent in the fiscal quarter, and made $273 million, thanks to the licensing and sale of products from "Frozen," "Planes," "Spider-man," and the Disney Channel. The company also received an operating income of $29 million from their interactive gaming unit.

When asked if he feels that the company needs to acquire more companies to increase their scale, Iger said he feels that the company can continue to grow from the properties that they own, and that he was glad with what they have.